Eve Online Carrier Solo PvP [Thanatos] First Fight

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First time sitting in a carrier. Took it for a spin around the block and got in a cool fight. — Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/bjornbee


hyper says:

I havent played EVE in a long time but since when can carriers jump through gates?

Pasu suel says:

hia, nice risk taking in solo pvp there 🙂

im pretty much still noobish, but i had great succes using double webbers in combo with energy depleters.
since you have such a big capacitor advantage …. use it? (to kill their energy)
(use that deliscious surplus of energy regeneration of your shipclass)

i guess it might take tomuch slots tho and mess up the rest of your build.
still, huge enegry supply, might aswell use it.

Philipp Meier says:

nice one!

Kuldeltac says:

You, sir, have balls of solid steel. I've never seen anyone take a carrier out solo outside of ratting. o7

Yrrîps EK says:

Why so many dislikes ? This is awesome, come roam in dek sometimes 😀
* not in carrier ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kerry Orwat says:

that feel when the solo drake backup arrives

pyro3rg says:

When that sabre kept bubbling you early on you can counter that by attempting to warp while in his bubble. That will give him a weapons timer and will probably just sit at the gate spamming jump for the minute.

Trevton says:

The ending amused me.

A BOSS says:

No local rep? no ECM drones? There is so much fail in this video… but at least you had fun ;)

Holay says:

i love your enthusiasm

swarmm1 says:

You could have put ecm drones on the chimera and bailed

Faym says:

omg, what was the first song?

Nuglord G says:

fighters will follow u after warp top kek

WDadade says:


H. Petersen says:

That was some of the best fights in the carrier o/

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