EVE Online – Official Gameplay Video [Updated]

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Welcome to EVE Online, the vast, community-driven space MMO game where players can play free, choosing their own path from countless opportunities.

Find out what you can do as a player in EVE, from experiencing immense battles in PvP, as well as PvE combat, exploration, mining, industry and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox.

The beauty of space, an expansive and vibrant community, as well as all the challenges you wish to face await you in EVE Online.

Play EVE Online for free, forever, at http://www.eveonline.com

To check out current, past, and future updates to EVE Online, head over to https://updates.eveonline.com


Arakus24 says:

Can players go kamikaze on their opponents (crashing into other ships and destroying them)?

Aaron H says:

Imo shit advertising too much information needs more energy and action, it's so bland how's a new player meant to take on all this information, make the video enticing

Damian Bakay says:


My lore… RIP

acd cat says:

or have the game you love taken apart bit by bit…

Rodrigo Dias says:

Love this game. So immersive. I played for almost 2 years. No intentions to stop

ShadowRusher says:

this reminds me of the dust 514 trailer

John Bridges says:

I'm sorry but this video sucks for a client intro, I prefered the original but understand it was dated and EVE Origins really did great to recapture that….this video is like the apoc xpac…dull and stupid with no lore immersive story being conveyed. Players don't NEED a video to show them what to do in the game. Part of what makes eve appealing is being tossed into it and learning what all you can do, not be spoon-fed info. New players can always ask vets if they want to know…

TheControlBlue says:

You still don't have it on the accessible session length part. Short sessions limits itself to missions that barely make any isks or accomplishments, your best best for short sessions is PvP, but of course that's the one aspect the Agency doesn't cover…

An-D T says:

You should make a vid showing how to actually download the game, after spending 3 hours trying to I still haven't been able to start playing and just uninstalled everything, I might try again tomorrow but it really shouldn't be that complicated to install a game

Joseph Rosario says:

No thank you
Played it
Found out everyone there are jerks and noob hunters
Can't tell how many times in high sec I got killed when I was bothering nobody.
Games that allow assholes to be assholes with no recourse is just a game that I'm not going to touch ever again

qbmax32 says:

The best ship in eve is friendship

Digital Blade says:

Hello I like to sign up for subscription can you please just explain me how does one "Fly Safe" exactly in EVE?

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