Everquest 2: 2016 Guardian and Inquisitor.

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Everquest 2: 2016 Guardian and Inquisitor.
Trying to get to 100.
Everquest 2 walkthrough.
let’s play Everquest 2.
Everquest 2 Splitpaw server.

The Lethal Legacy Network.

Music used for Intro:Jo BlankenburgVendetta 02:12 Yes Trailer Music, Freedom and Anomaly Detected by Per Kiilstofte


tivorlu ismail says:

Hi there Olgrey ! Is it still worth it to play ?

aplexity josh says:

ahh the memories of grinding to 95 there wish I could play but pc issues with Internet restricts me none the less amazing video keep it up

Zarrakon says:

Why did you guys do solo? I can solo regular heroic sky shrine at level 95

Edwin's Gameworld says:

Hello Olgrey 🙂 Again a very nice episode of Everquest 2 ,love your game style en comment very much 🙂 Greetings Edwin 🙂

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