EverQuest 2: A Return To Norrath!

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A second game… getting a second chance. Who would have thunk it?


Max Headroom says:

Ratonga's the best :)

Matthew Kramer says:

Any suggestion on leveling guides or "must do quests" for a new player? There is so much content here I have no idea were to go.


this game reminds of the anime Log Horizon when you mention swashbuckler

RageQuit says:

When I first saw it it blew my mind, the graphics were awesome back then. Sadly it didn't deliver for me, too much dumbing down, locking encounters, chained mobs making good pullers obsolete, no out of party buffing etc.

Thomas Kimery says:

eqoa ftw still….i miss that games community, all of .. getting trained even

fastfoxblox says:

eq2 is the best game ever made

EQOAnostalgia says:

WOW… i just came back after months to look at the views. 11k guys holy shit! People really seemed to enjoy this one. Thanks for watching to anyone who sees this and i hope you will all join me in future MMO related videos.

Sinsation27 says:

Long live Type O Negative. Nice video man

Alika Babino says:

what is EQ Away?…

Kobold Hosamen says:

EQ2 had heroic characters before WoW

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