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Everquest II Assassin Class Preview 2014
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benjamin saturday says:

I realise this is old. Where is that awesome mask/helmet at

Jason Larson says:

I just started an assassin because of your videos. They are cool so far having a blast ty.

Tim Kelly says:

hey man between swash assassin and ranger what is your favorite ?

Heinzy says:

Hello Aden, for some reason I can't reply to your comment. probably a G+ thing. 
Anyways, about the macros, nothing special dude. There's no science behind my macros. 
What I pretty much always do is jam all my single target (red background) attacks into one macro, that way 
I don't have to dance up and down my hot bar all day long hehe

That's pretty much it 

aden owens says:

What macros do you use for your assassin? if you dont mind me asking

Eric Baloun says:

At this stage of the game the assassin has two enhancements for the group. The first which has been around forever is the one you mentioned (hate transfer). The second came with the prestige tree and offers a nice group proc buff which cannot go unmentioned in end game play. Useful to note is that choosing certain specs ultimately negates the need for the assassin to be stealth to use his attacks making the gameplay much less involved for newer players who don't wish to worry about popping in and out of stealth all the time.

Hope this helps.

Grogin says:

I would love to see more of these types of video. As a new player they give me a nice preview before I actually make the decision to create one.

Heinzy says:

I can't believe I forgot to include the epic weapon part. and the assassin ER is so OP to… sorry about that guys!

DrRankore says:

Can you make a video about Heritage quests? I don't really understand what they are. Can you solo them with a merc or is it group content?

HikkikoGoblin says:

Those Aerakyn had it coming.  Liked for shutting those guys up hehe (not that the rest of it wasn't good too).  Hoping for some necromancer love soon. 🙂

Ancient Roar says:

Your video made it on the forums.You're famous! Well done.

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