EverQuest 2 Icy Keep Retribution Raid

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A very long raid but I hope you enjoy it!
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Papa Sears says:

EQ2 was awesome when it first released, now of course its more easier to play. MMOs nowadays spoonfed their gamers. Want a decent EQ experience check out project1999

Wyn the Rogue says:

Always been curious about the EQ franchise and am finally tempted to give it a go once I build my new PC [and possibly fix this old laptop as well], How's the community?

Star Villager says:

I miss playing EQ2 soooo much. I had to stop playing in November 2013 when that expac came out ( forgot name). I played on Freeport server, we raided HM and I was pimped out until new xpac came out so I stopped playing. I wish I could come back. I played an inq.

Antonio Johnson says:

Bro your necromancer is a savage any tips for a level 66 necromancer

Kaan A says:

Raids are always so fun to watch.

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