EverQuest 2 | Server: Kaladim | Gathering, Crafting and a pinch of Heals

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Today we took it easy playing some EverQuest 2! We went over to Rivervale, which is by far the best grind experience mid 30’s to mid 40’s. We had a few laughable moments and even killed a x2 mob with the help of some viewers. You all are what makes the community great and I can’t thank you enough for hanging out with me!

Game – EverQuest II https://bit.ly/1ykpDf7
Server – Kaladim https://bit.ly/2VfT1nS
Follow me at https://twitter.com/Rebus_Live
Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/rebus_live
Overlays and Alerts https://bit.ly/2nXBQbV


Mr Holistic says:

rumor has it caith was dropped as a kid.

sNap says:

man, if i catch up to you, i will hunt you for a group. im 35 warden now.

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