EverQuest 2 | Show me your PVP and I'll show you mine…

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We waited for PVP, it didn’t come this stream. Hoping to dive in Thursday or maybe this weekend. This stream was all about the chat. We did some porting from Relapse, go like the house please, and then we swapped over to Skyfire and got some levels on the zerker. Thanks to all that stopped by the channel and showed their support, can’t say it enough, you all are what makes the community great!

Game – EverQuest II https://bit.ly/1ykpDf7
Server- Time-Locked Expansion: Fallen Gate https://bit.ly/2w2JSEU
Follow me at https://twitter.com/Rebus_Live
Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/rebus_live
Overlays and Alerts https://bit.ly/2nXBQbV


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