EverQuest Gameplay: Plane of Air (03/07/2017)

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Full clear of Plane of Air including each of the ring events. I had the bright idea of suggesting we charm some of the lower level birds for added DPS. Don’t do this! It messed up the ring event and we had to re-do it.

Xegony went down without issue, no wipes or other trouble.


Each of the EQ-related guides I’ve created: https://goo.gl/ZqkdBj

A collection of the individual raids I’ve recorded: https://goo.gl/tnWHtC

Raw gameplay video of all of my livestreams: https://goo.gl/5dIiDW

Watch me livestream raids on my shaman on the Phinigel TLP server each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening (8pm – midnight EST) here: https://www.twitch.tv/pathtoeternity

My home page with my bio, spreadsheets, gear/stats, system specs, etc.: http://pro.pathtoeternity.pro

Thanks for watching and let me know any questions, suggestions, or other thoughts you have!


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