EverQuest Gameplay: Plane of Time (03/14/2017)

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TMO went to Plane of Time last night for the first time on Phinigel.

I was part of the Undead team and everything went very smoothly for us in both phases 1 and 2. One of the other groups did have a hiccup in p2 but other than that we didn’t have too many issues, and p3 went swimmingly. It was good to see some Time loot finally. We only completed Terris Thule in p4 before it was time to conclude the night. Terris took a few engages before we got it right.

As this was our first Time run, we took it a bit slow and easy. I wasn’t sure if or how much we’d do in p4 so it was nice to take down at least one god.


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Thanks for watching and let me know any questions, suggestions, or other thoughts you have!


Triston Charge says:

Thought boxing wasn't allowed on Phinigel? I'll stick with P2002.

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