EverQuest Next Landmark First Look Gameplay Commentary

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We took a look at EverQuest Landmark, the new EverQuest standalone game from SOE that allows players to gather resources and build structures in a persistent world.

GAME WEBSITE: http://www.mmozone.com/everquest-next.html

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W3RGamers says:

tetris rip off fuck this game

419chris419 says:

I hope EverQuest Next is like guild wars 2 where you buy once and you get to play without subscription forever. 

nico ES says:

+MMO Attack what I mean is will this game be free to play? Because all this "free" gaming channels been talking about pay to play not free to play. And as far as I know this game will not reason an wondering if am mistaking

nico ES says:

this game is free?

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