Everquest P99 – Mistmoore – Warrior

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— Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/authorchristopher


overkillgamer says:

can you help me understand everquest. I saw next shut down but than I saw there is eq 1 and 2? which one is most popular now adays, just plain everquest? and finally what should i start playing?

robbyrob0627 says:

should go to hhk bruh goblins

Sam Rushin says:

I love P99, unfortunately I work odd shifts and live in the UK so fun looking groups like this are few and far between
Really enjoy watching your streams on here, so keep it up 🙂

Tom Geezy says:

sup guys, I play everquest P1999
I'm on the pacific coast time zone looking to start a group/guild of mages or pet using classes.

find me on teamspeak3
server address : severed.us
password: hellyeah

feel free to use it anytime.

Silk Saffron Brown Horse says:

Makes we want to play Everquest really badly again
I didn't see a lot of the world

I wish Everquest 3 was just a reboot

I didn't even like the Everquest update

Why was Everquest Always embarrassed of there graphics

The game play was fantastic totally relaxing

I was pvp rallos Zek pker

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