Everquest: State of the Game Review 2017

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Returning to EQ? Check out this video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NGOShaIQHQ
Telkiney dives into the lands of Norrath to give a review of how far Everquest has come with its 18th Anniversary coming this month.

He explains how the game barely resembles its past self. Acknowledging its shortcomings and limitations due to its dated engine, but celebrating its features and game play.

Conclusion, Everquest is a true role playing game and worth a trip for anyone interested in playing one of the longest running games to date that is still being updated.


Lexi Kill says:

GOD DAMN I MISS CITY OF HEROES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Senaleb says:

Lulz…old EQ still looks better than that 'upgraded' garbage and models

Socially Beautiful says:

Great review! In my opinion, the reason EQ has lasted (coming from a player since 1999) is because of the game play style. No other game has the same battle system, the same feel to it that nothing else provides. I've played many games and still to this day go back to EQ for that reason. Nostalgia is one of the greatest things while in game, as well as experiencing the new content. A real old school EQ player can start a new character and know how to play the game the way it was intended.

You can always get that old hardcore feel if you know what you're doing. That, for me, is why EQ is one of the greatest games ever.

OneForestOne Call of Duty says:

RIP StarWars Galaxies :'(

lucas a says:

i miss this game but i dunno… seems like its just not the same at all :o/ nevertheless maybe i will give this newer eq a try

Xorn says:

Reading some of these comments. I'm really surprised people kept playing this game past Planes of Power.
I felt the game was taking a nose dive after that expansion. They gave up on a lot of aspects that made the game good. Player interaction. I doubt it ever got better than 1999-2003.

Lodoz says:

Sounds like they totally ruined the game…. All the "improvements" sounds to me like they are just making the game easier.

Ding 99 says:

Final fantasy 11 hello? 16 years

Dina Staggs says:

My husband and I used to play EQ all the time when we were dating – 13 years ago. I loved the game and still do. Now we don't have too much time to play – sadly. But my mom-in-law still plays and goes on raids with her guild each week :). This year I downloaded the game again and I'm amazed at the upgrades. I still can't believe that my mom-in-law kept the guild I created back when I was 16 or 17 going (she is awesome). Seeing my old guild really made my day. Great family game that will run on a laptop and keep you busy for hours on end. 🙂 It might be an old-school game, but it is a great game.

Sandra Bonner says:

Also, was on Czac Thule during "the day." While I hated collecting "rat tails" endlessly, overall, the game was awesome and I miss it.

Rayhaku808 says:

I know majority of the playerbase has old school players. But would someone who’s played BDO, WoW, FFXIV, Tera, ESO, GW2 be remotely interested in this? My friend is trying to get me to play but I don’t really see the appeal.

Typhon Plume says:

On a side note I'd like to see a video done by you on EQ2 as well.

Typhon Plume says:

EverQuest is nice, but I will admit still going to stick with EQ2.

Scott Shell says:

Awesome videos! I was thinking about playing again. I literally know nobody in this game anymore. Care if I send you a tell on Firiona Vie?

Rob Aldridge says:

EQ was great playing for all the yrs, however i am not sure i would buy another expansion due to the old massive nerfs they did. Plus the population has declined so far, i would rather play something new. I loved eq, really i did, the best game in the world, with friends and family and guild mates.

Cosmodrome says:

By looking at the title and the game, it looks bad…

Christopher Rognalsen says:

I tried to p0lay it again last year, but I don't really enjoy the many changes to the game over the years. I was playing EQ at its release after Ultima Online.

I would start with the graphics. It's weird, but I prefer the original blocky models. There is something about the textures I like.

I like the simple old user interface. It also had no setup.

I' like the original way equipment and leveling worked. I was never a fan of the AA system when it was introduced.

This game has so many expansions now there is a mishmash of different concepts depending on the zone you are in.

Mercs have ruined solo classes.

Ports have ruined things like Druid and Wizard taxi.

The one good thing is you can visit old zones(if you are lucky enough they didn't modify it) and experience some nostalgia. One thing I like about single player games is you can always go back and it's the same as it was originally in most cases.

I'll always have a place in my heart for EQ, but to me, its time has passed. MMOs are common place now and made to be fast and accessible for the masses. The magic of the originals has long been lost.

Auraborialus says:

lol, getting mana and health took soo long that everquest added a mini game that was like tetris for the long wait

Unspecified says:

4:21 "We don't have an hour to kill here.."

lol uhh when I played EQ I had more than an hour to kill… more like years..

my /played , actual ONLINE play time was over 1 year.

over one year ON LINE a game. g'damn that amazes me to this day… and I double boxed so I had another account that I played a ton and wasn't on that timer

Dungeon Master says:

Silver memebership was discontinued. It is only granted to veteran accounts and is no longer available.

idk says:

they made freeport look terrible

Mark Sheats says:

Everquest wasn't just a game when it started, it was a lifestyle! It had to be because it took a massive amount of time to get anything done.

Zasha Wakeham says:

ashes of creation seems the next bomb. they have people from everquest working with them. should have a look.

Josh Warren says:

lol I started watching the video, the when he was like hey I'm Telkiney, I was like hmmmmm that sounds familiar. Yeah I'd say so since I just randomly grouped with him lastnight on EQ 2 lol

hebbe61 says:

Try a TLP server.Starts with original content and unlocks expansions gradually.
Latest is Agnarr which is currently in original and will unlock the 1st expansion in august 2017.

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