Explaining Class Roles in EverQuest 2

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A quick guide on how to play your class.
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Mel Fredriksson says:

which game do you prefer ? EQ2 or AO ?

Shadow Storm says:

what is the diffrence between the fighter class how are each of the tanks different?

Deyton says:

In WOW as a tank in earlier years of playing I'd get a lot of flack for having low dps as a tank lol. With experience it was fine but they did pay attention to my dps and tanking

Justin says:

I love EQ2 and there aren''t many great youtubers who make videos, and yours are great. I've been watching your videos all day at work, hope you are still making them! Subbed to you.

RageQuit says:

One thing that alwas turned me off about EQ2, coming from EQ1: It was never 100% clear who does what, what buff does what etc. It was all an obscure clusterfuck of weird icons, stat changes by buffs felt like they made little to no difference, it felt extremely weird and wishy washy. There was just way too much going on for the the speed of the gameplay. In EQ1 it was pretty obvious which class brought what to the table, and who would be the optimal pick for the situation at hand. Every fight even against trash mobss was so long, it was a benchmark on it's own, and you could clearl feel the difference between having a certain buff and not having it.

That One Story Teller says:

what's the best healer I'm new too priest and I need help

sadshortangstytoxicloser says:

-Dumb beginner question, what does dps mean?

i play eq2 also and my guild wants to go teaming, but were all different ranks and levels. the tank is a level 99 , the mage is level 23 and im a level 9/10 priest. ;v;

HoggaGames says:

Hey sharp have you ever played Lego Island 2? it was my childhood game on pc, its like the best thing ever.

SharpTony says:

NOTE Quite a few Scout and Mage classes are also used for utility, I referred to a few as hybrids, but yeah you get the picture haha.

ReformedEklektos says:

The people want AO vids!

Caloss2 Gaming says:

Vid looks sharp, Sharp 😛 now you have that new system, shadowplay all teh way, 1080p60 is the way to go (set to 30mbps)
I might n00b my way through EQ2 this year, j00 hold my hand?

Zed says:

Thanks man! Love your videos on eq2

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