Exploring A RuneScape Copy (OSRS)

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MoliorRS is one of the coolest projects I have ever seen to come out of any games community. It’s a recreation of RuneScape that has 30 quests, 14 skills, 6 bosses, and over a thousand items. Now you may be thinking wait a minute Jagex probably wouldn’t like that, wrong! It’s an official Jagex approved project. So after following its progress for around two years now o figured I’d check it out

Molior: http://www.moliorrs.com/

► Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColonelloRS
► Discord: https://discord.gg/5KhMVKD
►Subscribe! http://youtube.com/c/colonellors/

Music by Jagex.

Outro Song:
Phife For Life – Otis McDonald


Krythix says:

make this a series m8, im srs this is awesome


I'm playing now

General KnoX Fan says:

instead of eoc and rs3, they shouldve released something similar to this imo

apinakapinastorba says:

Like RS3, but shittier.

Mark Cohen says:

But was it the developers fault

Matthew Jones says:

Id like to see a series of this!

Toxicity says:

world of warcraft mixed with osrs

Vaider says:

ya couldnt pay me to play this.

jordan grainger says:

question why do people wank over osrs but its not even osrs anymore ? the only os thing about it is its horrible graphic style

Milan Svitek says:

If this was RS3, their player base would be much higher. XD

Art yom says:

This is why i love MMOS/RPGs with custom private servers.

Art yom says:

When your mod has the ok to rip item icons straight out of runescape itself. Cool mod.

Andrea O. says:

I would have thought that if someone did a project like this it would be structurally similar to TES 4 or 5, but yeah most people prefer to play those in first person

Ezequiel Morales says:

Dope vid the games looks really intresting whoever made it did great

Nøva _ says:

What was that that we needed for this? I’ve never heard of it

Misakii says:

if anything i would want a pre eoc rs : never got to fight the bosses pre eoc

Johnny Partain says:

If RS3 looked like this, I'd play it.

Explosia RS says:

Dude this is crazy, I want to try it!

Getsnipez says:

it looks alot like LoTro graphic and interface wise , But intresting concept

Braco Sehic says:

Just play RS3 lmao

skizz0phrenia says:

Don't dual wield weapons. Combat is still likely based off the Neverwinter rules, and if you can't get the dual wielding feat you're not going to hit often at all. That's why the cow took so long.

What is everybody's fascination with immediately throwing two weapons onto characters in many RPGs? It's almost always a handicap until you get the proper training or proficiency in it, and it's just plain sloppy.

Sopranoyaro says:

We need osts graphics like this without them changing the character models like they did in rs3 cuz they look really stupid

SSJ Carl says:

I hate this and i want it to die.

sn0w says:

RuneScape 3 looks a little different..

Liberty Prime says:

Osrs needs a graphics update. Jagex wasting everybody’s time with clue scroll updates. Note I say graphics update, not that RS3 bullshit where they take away specs and turn it into wow.

Lempie says:

More please.

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