Fallen Earth: 4 reasons why I play it (2017)

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Write in comments reasons why you play FE. Include your character name in comment.

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oscar ism says:

i play Fallen Earth coz im dead set in L. O. V. E. Love with it. From its RL based topography creating a augmented reality of sorts, the game play, the quest plots and tongue in cheek humor laced throughout are classic! i find it a unique gaming experience and i never want it to end and i never want to leave EVER!!!!! i am well beyond obsession I LIVE AND BREATH FE!!!!! is that enough dedication for ya i hope?

Andy Howl says:

Dang man nice singin voice!

Terrakinetic says:

Pst… psssst…


ラウドネス says:

#1 reason. Game abandoned by devs.

GingerDeadMan says:

when this came out i was not able to play because i had a potato pc … i think ill revisit it soon 🙂

Skill Cipher 5 says:

Does this have a single player mode

John Michael Besas says:

Oh its nice to see new comments about the game . i fucked up my pc . and i can't play anymore the game. it requires me v3d init. failed it says! demn.! btw hello Skrzyp … anyone you see from the Royal Bloodline clan still playing just tell me .. VAL IAN here!

Game Noob says:

Because you made me play it

Hans Feldermann says:

did you still playing?

Mario Moreau says:

Fallen earth is a game like no other. Its not about the graphics or some flashy gimmicks, its about a big world were you can do what you want but were players are not savage cretin like Eve online. Definitly worth the time you put in.

I totally agree with your reasons.

See you in the wasteland!

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