Fallen Earth – Trailer

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Name: Fallen Earth
Release date: September 9, 2009
Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Fallen Earth
Developer(s): Icarus Studios and Fallen Earth


RolePlayer _Scayrax_ says:

How the fuck 8 years have been passed?!?!

Reaper The Rapper says:

i plated Fallout 3 , Fallout New Vegas and Fallen Earth and no its not a rip off , fallen earth is a great game just stop crying like a bunch kiddos

Bad President says:

Can this be played on a Mac?

John Morrison says:

How many GB This game?

Cole Waters says:

The style of this reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. No idea why.

cr4yv3n says:

To the complainers YES there is a sort of "energy weapon" in game – very hard to craft of course and NO it is not "pay 2 win".

StonerNL says:

Its a good game beacause its created in 2012 and there was never an update for it.
And dont forget this is a free game!

Shane Delaney says:

dem graphics doe

LowEnd Gamer says:

If only Fallout were like that. with more massive monsters, and MOAR CRAFTING!

Alberto Manuel Medina Hidalgo says:

It's funny how so much people hate this game because they say it's a rip-off of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, but they don't realize something, this was released 1 month before Fallout 3 and TWO YEARS before Fallout New Vegas, so it's not a rip-off

gamerjunkee308 says:

how is this a rip off of fallout new vegas this was out 2 years before that 

Joshua Benveniste says:

it reminds me of fallout

GHM EU says:

7 days to die and DayZ -.-

The Friendly Dalek says:

Crafting, crafting, crafting, crafting crafting, crafting. Oh, and you'll get to do some some crafting.

Foxtrot Ranger Vet says:

Its nice but i mean bethesda should have work with them and named it like another part of fallout U must know what i mean like in new vegas fallout new vegas in the zion mission they should have named it storys of zion

Tooprotolive says:

Looks like a cheap rip off of fallout 3 , still looks cool.

Jerome Mandala says:

Online Fallout 3!!!!!!!

Geo Storm says:

I still need to make my armor lol idk how to make the bits and bobs for it all or where to find books for that.

Chris says:

True i really like this game and put up with the lag because i like the missions and story line and graphics /in some places the towns and environment can look really nice/ even though im only level 5 xD

Tom D'Ark says:

I really wished they hadn't broken the crafting for free to play folks. Used to be if you donated you were exempt from the limitations of crafting. They took that same procedure and removed it from the f2p folks, and made it to where – only if you donate you can craft more than one thing in your queue.

99batran says:

let's face it, we all play this game because it is about fallout and also because that the Fallout MMORPG is canceled

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