Final Fantasy I gameplay NES

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FF1 gameplay, for NES. I’m just showing how the game is, not completing the story.


Iam One says:

posted it on a ff fan group told me the game was garbage

i was like wtf

Garrick Slings says:

It's crazy to see hiw far this game has come

Heavenly Goddess says:

Oh, well… It's a very… Interesting game…

The Leafeon says:

I like some nes games but this doesn't tickle my fancy :/

lldog13 says:

Looks so boring

Sweets says:

This games makes me want to kil myself its so bad

FanfareT.Loudest says:

Awesome. It's great to "research" for fun! Learning a lot by the opening text… and more!

Shawn Elston says:

the gameplay on this game was horrible. like, just plain shit.
i have no idea how this game pulled square out of bankruptcy 

Thunder Kat says:

Look like his first time playing.

Munqy [X] says:

GIMME!, I'll give you all my Assasins creed games? c;

Maximiliano rios vera says:

stupid fanboys

Juan M. Vasquez says:

i got FF 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 in me ps3 :3

Simone The Digger says:

Is this game just for the nes?

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