Final Fantasy XV – Bandersnatch Boss Fight Gameplay [1080p HD] PS4 PRO

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Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Bandersnatch Boss Fight Secret Enemy on PS4 PRO in 1080p HD.

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Eggaudo says:

it reminds me so much of a Glavenus from Monster Hunter Generations

EatNadesSon says:

It's all about lost odyssey on Xbox 360

EatNadesSon says:

It's all about lost odyssey on Xbox 360

otakon17 says:

I remember when Bandersnatch were basically wolf/lion things…not goddamn horrors of Lovecraftian imagination!

Ryan Versace says:

why are they all dressed like emo scene boys is that supposed to be cool or something? im gonna kill this monster, but first i must straighten my hair like a female and flop it around from side to side lmao

martin baldassari says:

Pero les pego alguna vez el bicho?, se me hace que mucho grafico pero es un juegos mas del monton, dificil era el dragon age inquisition que los dragones te la ataban a cada rato y era de a 4 jugadores igual que este

MrAroiko says:

A Xenoblade Chronicles only less funny.

TellyAnime says:

Wow i was worried before, but when someone actually knows how to play it the game play looks awesome.
All those guys playing like shit at all the conventions and expos did the game a disservice.

Ardemril Johnson says:

Great graphics bad gameplay typical graphics obsessed era game

TitanSlayer91 says:

How come some things are in english?

Kezbanimator El Nacho says:

this gameplay is what xenoblade had to be…

rickjamesia says:

Man… we've come a long way. I still remember arguing with my brother on what sprites in NES and other computer game stuff (Amiga, Commodore, Windows, etc) were even supposed to look like. (That skeleton is obviously holding a sword! No, look, it's a bone!)

Glitch ReKall says:

were the fuk is the quest giver to kill this boss?????

frazer john says:

Where do you find him in demo?

D7AD Gaming says:

the combat system is so weird

Budliky CZ says:

I am still hessitating to buy this game by a preorder! It looks so cool. But I am worried that the launch will be fucked up like every other games these days! I have the money to buy game with the season pass, but i am just cared that square enix will fuck it up, or it will be almost unplayable on the normal PS4 when you see these graphics!

NineTails says:

No classic final fantasy victory music =(

DevilGames says:

I need this

Loki Fenrir says:

AOE can damage allies? It looks so good on the 1080 ps4 pro

btw, i like this guy's fighting style–the player, not the character. your combos look seemless

Dark Cloud says:

Final Fantasy is gone…

juni bug says:

isnt this game not out yet

Don Resetti says:

I felt really bad for the party members when they got hit by the spells (specially thunder) D:

LwNickV says:

Sux that the special Magic Parry always ends with a fire spell and never anything else, i've seen it against 4 different enemies now and it always ends with Fire, even if the enemy is weak against Thunder.

They Played Us Like A Damn Fiddle! says:

This looks so fun

Damien Jackson says:

So they do have new Abilities nice GG

Milotic says:

Wow, the gameplay looks hard to master, I really want to buy this game 🙂

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