First Look At – EVE Online (2016 PC Gameplay EVE Free To Play)

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EVE Online is now Free To Play! I’ve always wanted to check out EVE Online and now that is is f2p it made sense to try it out on the channel. EVE Online is a online space MMO that is over a decade old! It was fun checking it out and now I know what the draw is. Hopefully you enjoyed this gameplay review of the Free To Play EVE Online!

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MrSmithwayne Smith says:

no amount of free to play will clean the boredom from this game.

Scero Ye says:

"alright, we look like Zac Efron or sumthin'" genius 😀

Baleur says:

Didnt even bother turning the graphics to max. And why is he like zoomed in at 30 fov? This is NOT what the game is like.
THe yogscast guarantee…..wait wrong channel?

Nordkiinach says:

This guy literally has the shortest attention span on a human being that I've seen… even more than a 1 year old toddler that you try to feed while he's looking at a fucking bird whistling in a tree behind you! This was so cringey to watch…

The dude can't do lets-plays for shit – he is absolutely stupid in Star Citizen, like he barely does anything but make up random missions with his group that he has almost no friends to play with ever except random people he meets on server for short time ( Again short attention span… ) he makes no sense with his episodes…

He fucking sucks, just plainly sucks in Star Citizen – and here he dares to try EVE, the most detailed and worst (Steepest) learning curve in all of Sci-Fi Gaming history maybe even most steep learning curve in any game ever ( Maybe not Dwarf Fortress… ) and he fucks everything up, like wow his attention span is so short that he doesn't even realise he closed the AI telling him how to re-focus on his ship with the camera and then he fucking locks onto a MASSIVE destroyed battleship and don't even notice it until half way of being dead… like seriously how stupid can you be? Mother of Gawd…

Sometimes stupidity surprises me. Like a lot…

Jerry Chavis says:

Jesus is coming soon. Repent and accept him into your heart today. He is real! Read John 3:16!

then33k4 says:

2005 char here.. come to me !

Darie Cns says:

The graphics are pretty good!

Serob Cholakyan says:

Eve online is a cool game and I pay that all the time

Chris Lieberman says:

The answer to your question about what you need to type into your spread sheet is, urgaypwnd.

Sinsearach says:

spreadsheet simulator

crab0309 says:

Why does it seem like people who obsess over this game seem to think they are absolute geniuses for learning how to play a game….

Facehugger89 says:

so you just control the ship?

MyBest says:

xD I clicked on this video and realized that it was literally Dan from big brother

Avana says:

Looks kinda boring tbh. If anyone has played this for a long time, please tell me what it is about. lol

MessianicDaddy says:

Aura was trying to explain how to recenter your view on your ship right when you skipped it and I thought, "You may want to know that."

Michael Donnelly says:

Skip the dialog that tells you how to center back on your ship, complain about not being able to figure out how to center back on the ship….. Maybe you shouldn't play games

Edit: By the end of the vid im 100% sure you shouldnt be playing games.

Zachary Julian says:

I'm not going to say you barely scratched the surface, you missed the whole rock bud. If you kept up with the rest of the tutorial you'd be close to scratching.

DJ Sickey says:

Man , i love space themed games, even that awful game called No Man's Sky… so i would like to play some more space titles , but CLICK TO MOVE ? No WASD controls ? hell no!

amine mk says:

This game is a good example of games written in Python

DRK Griff says:

Massive space games like this are VERY fun alone and with friends, but this has too much of a learning curve. Too many things and menus to click. Very confusing and takes a long time to get use to

s6xafterse7en says:

Character looks like a redneck Lou Diamond Philips

View Hodor says:

boring game af

Lombreman boss says:

WOW is better don't bother playing this game.

fmontserrattube says:

Free to try. Best p2w ever, by a 2005 veteran.

Telkarin says:

he said fucking debra, fucking down, get this damn dislike kid

Ocelot Madness says:

Welcome to 'nam newbro

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