Flyff Gameplay 2011

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Me and my friend play i kill and my friend heal and buff


Hugzz says:

this is my Brother xD dont know why im saying it XD XD XD

Albin Hansson says:

this maybe dont make sense but it took like 10 hrs from 30 to 35 i got great pleveled and ye ask some freisds

Wesley Silva says:

bom o video cara mais como é o nome dessa musica muito daora

Albin Hansson says:

Stop say that video suck couse i was 8 years old then i was filmed this!!!

basofzo says:

@firxgolden so if im getting this right my lvl 59 assist wich i quit one year ago and the one i wanna get to lvl 60 is probably gone now?

Adee Saema says:

damn that shit is level hard back in v8 level 60 got 2 exp each kill

spider pig says:

wasup triket

Mohammad Mamun says:

its fun when you have more money.

i am poor

KingofKings07 says:

@OzMaN69626 Damn agreed

KingofKings07 says:

I have played this game for a long time,
my character reached level 60, BillPoster.
After this, it became so boring..

I died every day, 7x.
Losed XP.
Never again… -.-
If you want to play a game what never gets boring, dont play this one, for sure!!

Actually i stopped at level 33 but i wanted to go on..

Dylan Bennett says:

@ob882 I already got bored with it and quit.

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