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Flyff Legacy Gameplay First look mobile MMORPG gameplay video + commentary by Omer from

Flyff Legacy is a free to play mobile MMORPG based on the PC Fly For Fun game. It’s developed and published by Gala Labs Inc – the same developer behind the PC version of the game. While it features super smooth gameplay and a persistent world, it also has that pesky ol’ auto-combat system found in most mobile MMOs.


syr gulmatico says:

I still prefer omer to review mmos 🙂

Rand00mThing says:

Omer gets life force from lolis. He can't die.

killerv135 says:

You want to stop companies from going mobile stop playing mobile games, if you cannot do that; well we are going to keep seeing these mobile mmo's.

Halynx says:

another stupid mobile game to bait weibo.. just no

Nostromo Xymox says:

not avaliable in Brazil

F maah life D:

Cheezy says:

I'd actually really like to see some Singed games from you, Omer.
Especially since he is super strong now ^_^
maybe on stream? ;D?

EK MH says:

Holy crap!!! Omer !!! I haven't heard your 15 second intros since you were on good to hear you!

Yu Jeff says:

Is this marriage implemented?

EinSof says:

What's the android emulator you're using, Omer?

GreedC says:

only panipani is the best mobile mmorpg for me

Hozza says:

played it for a bit. garbage

TukkyHD says:

u guys turned to shit

UnknownFox says:

I find it hard to get into really any mobile game that has the auto route/combat. Kinda like what is the point of playing when I could just set my phone down and get the same result. =/

Urs00 says:

pc is lacking in fresh mmorpgs for years now and now everyone is focusing on this cash grabs on mobile, it is so frustrating u.u

hovsep56 says:

if auto combat is made for casual grinding….than why is it there in the first place? if the devs know that the grind is garbage and boring why even add it?

Weston Road says:

Memories :')

Bloom says:

Try King's Raid already.

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