Flyff Legacy: Why you should wait to hit 2nd Job!

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edgar bernas says:

pay to win po ba ?

Blue Elf says:

r u the lancelot in A10?

Aiki Tan Sawyer says:

Can you send a link to download ?

Tobey mcHades says:

What server are you bro? Your top 1 rank seem so low cp? Make more videos bro.

VladimirMizich says:

The game looks interesting. It kind of reminds me of Ragnarok Online. I won't be starting it though. I just don't think any new player would catch up to the current content. You are lvl 593 in this video. How long would it take a new player to get from let's say lvl 1 to 500? And at what point in the game are you able to farm tier6/tier7 equipment? I bet it would take months. A beautiful game with good mechanics, but waaaaay too time consuming.

Jules Vizcarra says:

How much did you spent to reach vip 8? Thanks

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