Game review Angels Online

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Angels Online Game review. Post quit.


Afrizal Arizona says:

Hy bro, can you teach me about overpower build job in AO games, im new player this game in my country.. so please help me about overpower build job.. (sorry my englsih)

BlackStarGaming says:

Fun game i quit too sadly couldnt take alot of ag bs

Jaymar Dela Piedra says:

I'm from havoc server former Members of ibon I miss this so much the way pvp and pve

Whiterun Guard says:

Just came to see if this game still exist and nostalgia lol, I started playing this game even before the angel baby is still a thing, I'm from Nisroc server (I don't know if the server still exist because I heard they changed the names and merged it with other server) then I quit the game a few months after the desert expansion.

zTyLe Gamer says:

No one know where i can find the server files? Or Private server?

Bryan Lin says:

Basically, why I stopped playing after about 7 years. The game is amazing, won't be able to top to me. But the people in charge of this server is the main reason probably why everyone quit. AG too costly, no old random events from Game Masters, slow service and no Live support like it did previously. It really is hard for me to ever accept this game will probably never come back once it really shuts down. If I had the knowledge and the power to set up my own server I would love to. It's such a great game 🙁

Adam Wijkander says:

Seems like a very accurate review/Wye.

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