Gameplay Update: Terra, the Earth Mother

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Terra has her root back and a new ultimate!

Song: “Trapped”
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zebulon10 says:

I'm agree with this change. It's à buff of her heal and i like to play the healer in games. After i find this ultimate vert strong versus the ennemi especially at early game. This change help Terra in team team fight ! I found Terra a little behind with her old ultimate in teamfight she can now impacted a team fight with her potential of heal who are very strong and the debuff on the ennemies ^^ Now we have to see if she is not too strong :/

I hope you understood me. My english is not perfect 🙂

LunarServant says:

i actually like her new ult better. i mean, yeah the fact that it’s no longer global is a drawback but you get to give everyone heal over time AND burst heal, and you debuff your enemy’s and get to deal burst damage to them as well.

Paraponera T says:

Im glad there is a channel dedicated to showcasing changes like these without all the filler commentary. Quick and to the point

Alexander Krestan says:

You don't know how happy I was when the root was removed.

Derrick Davila says:

I got her diamond skin and was so upset and avoided playing her after they nerfed her many times. Im so happy for these changes and I can show off my diamond skin more ahhhhh

Juliana Rodrigues says:

I loved the land, it was great

Alessandro Carruezzo says:

Nice change even if i think that the ultimate should stay global (for the lore)

Dillon Baum says:

I can't wait to try out her new ultimate on Xbox. I have 8000 worshipers with her and I feel like her monolith never even had a root. So I'm glad that's back

M L says:

I actually wanna kill my self now. I used to love terra and now she’s just being nerfed

imMurkyy says:

* autolocks terra *

Tyler M says:


Daniel Gonzalez says:

Yesss Tera was the wirst guardian in the game now she finally rises once again!

Zoe Matoi says:

Finally my diamond 10 tera returns with the root

Nick Brackett says:

The hype! Terra bois!

F I T I W A V E says:

She's back

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