Guild Wars 2 Gameplay | Our First World Boss!

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We had the opportunity to participate in an (insanely huge) World Boss fight – and it was packed! Also – the jumping puzzle at the end was painful. I feel sorry for anyone that manages to watch the entire thing LOL


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Outro: Spektrem – Shine


Pachimari says:

has mmo youtube channel -> plays f2p version of mmo.

Adu 3Star says:

Sry if this haz nothing to do with your video , (i'm watching your video and haz been amazing)but i wanna know your's pc or laptop name production system , i'm playing Guild wars 2 on Laptop Sony vaio Intel(R) Pentium 4GbRam etc and i can't enjoy it ,i ask a loot of people , but im not sure about their anwer :-s , Keep making video , you 2 put soul in Game's and it's nice to watch :)…Stay healty!

Darkstar says:

You happened to choose one of the most tricky JPs (for beginners, at least) there. It took me ages back when the game came out. Now I can do it pretty consistently. You get better with time.
BTW I really like how you react to everything that's new to you, it's so refreshing to see and hear someone enjoy a simple view of a waterfall so much 🙂 Keep on gaming!


the jumping puzzle fail were funny….that is one the longest and one of the most difficult jumping puzzles. a puzzle you only do once and fail then later comeback to fail a bunch more times for the achievement unlock. and after that hate the puzzle forever.

Apple Gone says:

Jp was epic xD

fritz müller says:

3:58 why do u have 2 additional box slots ? 0-0

stefanw1337 says:

Omg, that's a true MMO!

Jay The Gaming Mac and Cheese Lover says:

you know whats funny i play blade and soul + guild wars 2

Kyle Pervera says:

Too funny hahahah

DashFan686 says:

ALso don't really worry about paying someone back for the bags, it's legitimately nothing to us unlike in most mmos. at 80 you essentially get Mithril, Silk, and Thick leather like candy

View Bens says:

what you use for video editing man?

joshstewart1321 says:

Do u guys stream???

Ghost Nigga says:

How good of a PC do you need for this game?

Roy Spector says:

now do raids 🙂

Arturo Vazquez says:

When he kept falling at thewindy section, and everytime the golem offers to transport him to that area, and he ignores it.. lol

TheWaterbreath says:

I want to give you guy's 2 tips:
The first one is that if you press on the wheelgear in your bag and then press"deposit all materials" you will place all your materials currently in your bag into your own bank no matter where you are. it will keep your bag more empty.
you can do a few other things to with that wheelgear. just take a look.

2nd thing is that if you don't like the shaking camera on spell-use, you can disable that in the options.

mosimosimos says:

i dont know why. but i love this

Hema Gurunh says:

Mesmer portal 🙂

Lexa XIV says:

Probably should turn off player names when you capture footage XD

Andrea says:

it is really nice to watch you guys. Brings back the old feelings of when I started GW2, years ago. And it is so fun to watch you guys struggling with the first part of the jumping puzzle knowing that it is really just the entrance and the worst is still coming. XD
By the way, I think it was in the next video but for being able to use a glider you have to be level 80 and have to have the expansion heart of thorns.
I hope you continue having fun with this game.There is so much to see.

Nigga please says:

"You lahve meh"
"Barely" lol you guys are great.

Nightmar150 says:

I found it hilarious that you jumped with the person with the glider.

Rosseriah says:

go into you options and bind action camera to a key. Toggle it and it'll lock your camera to your mouse, it makes jumping puzzles easier and combat more fun.

Epor Cheetahka says:

also using /wiki subject in game will open Web search on official gw2 wiki. subject can be anything, npc, location, item, quest names. example. /wiki apple /wiki Queensdale /wiki jump puzzle

Epor Cheetahka says:

you should disable names options, you can still see them by holding control key, or was it altogether key.

Pixel Plays says:

I love too be on your friend list go to contact and look up Fireburst that will be me under name Pixelwippiet

Nr4747 says:

Good on you guys to finally experience a world boss and a "real" jumping puzzle (there are "mini jumping puzzles to reach vistas or small chests in a lot of places – but this one is a proper big one) !

The jumping puzzle was far from over, though ! You guys need to find the attunement station first before entering the next part of the jumping puzzle.

xvoidgamer says:

One of my all time fav MMORPG. I guess you are on NA servers.

That Rad Guy says:

Haha, this was fun to watch. When I play GW2, I'm all business and it's never as fun as this >.<

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