How Funcom Ruined Anarchy Online and Themselves

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Yeah don’t expect other uploads haha. This took a lot of time. I will say it was a lot of fun exposing Funcom.


SharpTony says:

Disclaimer: I am not trying to dissuade anyone for playing something they enjoy. I just could not suggest funding this game anymore. If you do enjoy playing, then by all means feel free to pay and enjoy it! Froob life is still likely worth playing. It's just so disturbing that such a beautiful piece of MMO history has been tarnished to such a grand degree.

Zia SoD says:

Anarchy online became Project Entropia

Mister Ace says:

I didn't even know about the exploiters… or the forum bs! Aside from the shaky launch, one of the biggest red flags I think were the Parry/Riposte fiasco they refused to fix way back when. We should have known, alright… but the game was just too damn fun.

As I mentioned in the other comment thread you posed about this video in, I fell prey to an old problem with AO freezing my computer, after UPGRADING MY RIG. It only happens with this game and Dark Eden. It's a problem people had since 2003!!! And Funcom never tried to fix or even address the problem in the forums. You can still find the posts today!

I ended my business with Funcom, because they are making the same mistakes over and over again in all of their games, even Exiles. The freezing was the last straw because AO was the last thing they had that I really enjoyed.

Let the past be, I guess!

Chris Sharp says:

Well, thanks for all of your videos. I played back in 2001, 2002. Been kind of nostalgic and your videos have help me get back into the game. Kind of sad but F2P is F2P. Your video has dissuaded me from starting a subscription for AO. Haven't played WildStar yet so maybe I'll watch some of your videos there.

A Roadie says:

The fact that they're still charging a monthly fee for this mess is the most ridiculous part. This would be bad even if the game was F2P with microtransactions. If people spend real money on your game you better make damn sure the stuff they buy can't be fucking duped.

ordo ab chao 66 says:

if funcom had any braincells left …they would sell the game and rights to another company .. my mmo experience started with AO and i have spent many hours on this and other mmo's … nothing has yet to capture my attention more then how AO did… even the almighty WOW doesn't come close to the complexity AO provides. if some intelligent company would pick it up and polish this gem to its full potential i would be one of the first in line among many many many others …people haven't lost interest in the game, they lost interest in the company supporting it ….. Complexity > Quick join Rabble

pyroromancer says:

Funcom's debt defaulted they are selling off non-online assets, but i imagine online IP's are next on their list of assets to liquidate.

I loved this game i put 4 years into it from launch day, was greate, but when the community and players go off onto other things, the game ultimately dies as a whole.

Kenny Brunton says:

You think the announcement of their profits today could mean anything for taking it out of maintaince mode…if their profits continue

Justin B. B says:

Do a p99 vid. Make it t about how a completely dead game still pulls thousands of players.

Heinzy says:

just when I thought this game might be fun to revisit hehe =) think I'll keep playing Lotro as premium.

Heresiarch says:

They should give us the source code so we can make AO private servers, it's still a great game. AO could have been as big as EVE Online but they chose to cut a potential cash cow… retards.

casey snyder says:

holy shit i lost my shit about the legomini figures bit that shits hillarious

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