How Gameplay Works in Final Fantasy 15

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Here’s a rundown of all the recent updates we’ve been given on the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV, as well as the structure of its open world. If you’ve got questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below and I’ll try to provide an answer.


Mike Tantalos says:

Never played a final fantasy before. Is the combat system in this game similar to kingdom hearts?

bootypopper101 says:

This game would probably be received by fans better if they just solely removed the fact that it's called final fantasy. When you hear final fantasy you think of classic rpg playstyle, so it's understandable many people (including myself) are upset about the combat system because this franchise was a big part of everyone's childhood. Each game had the same general classic rpg gameplay but they all had a unique way of approaching it (materia, GF/draw, sphere grid, etc) which is why final fantasy was such a great franchise. If they keep changing the playstyle and stray away from the "classic" rpg type gameplay then I think final fantasy as a franchise is just done. Square is just milking the series at this point and should've just stopped at 12 or 13.

Joshua Davis says:

Finally…. My dragons dogma is here!!!!!

Aliahsan says:

Hey ik you might not see this but i just have to get this off my chest. TheFrustratedJacob i just want to thank you for what you have given us with Final Fantasy XV coverage and Versus XIII news and analysis videos. I wouldn't be the same type of Youtuber without you and once again thank you. I don't "quote on quote" spam news sites with my content anymore… i miss these analysis videos etc. I miss the Jacob i came to love from before, nevertheless thank you for doing what you did. I am a proud FF XV Youtuber and hopefully when im bigger ill comment on this channel again and show how far ive come :).

Lenni mcknight says:

I could actully say this looks more real than any other game i've seen on ps4.

redfoe77 says:

im glad that a lot of games are taking cues from Monster Hunter, with free-roaming, loot collecting, crafting and killing giant monsters in the open world. Its a game mechanic that has always felt great in the MH series and glad that other developers are implementing it into their own games.

Sikiru Fahm says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

chase langkilde says:

Yeah thats great and all but the real question is…..can you jump  and swin :o? oooor fly

Aces Ave says:

Kinda looks like a cross over between Dragon's Dogma and Final Fantasy 12

★SLOtimeeK says:

Is it gonna be on pc?

Dishank Contacts says:

~4:19 that FFX OST music in the background. Gave me the feels

Rahmat Pujiatno says:

ok the world is big, can we have some airship now?

HalfLucan says:

In retrospect, 10% seams accurate considering that its was about 6GB to download, including character models etc. Duscae was big! I do hope that they can get more on the disc tho (or possibly have it on 2?)

Brandon Toft says:

This just isn't Final Fantasy. The combat looks more like Devil May Cry than anything and if I wanted to play DMC I'd play DMC.

mayte sutin says:

don't have time or patience for more videos?

don't have time to like and subscribe.

JKAsHiddenLotus says:

No hate but this game looks pretty good. but i miss the old days with atb bars or turn based combat, a flying ship, a world and some bad guy/girl/monster that is gonna kick some ass. equipment and jobs, no knight mages etc. knights a goddamn knight. ninja is a ninja, mage is a mage. a story that confuses me then when i understand it blows my mind.. i feel after ff10 they are giving me the finger ever since? will bioware/bethesda? make it instead?  ANYONE FEEL THE SAME?

Recon “R3conHaz3” Haze says:

This game looks absolutely fantastic, but then again I said that about destiny. The closed door open world and looting system got old and frustrating quick. I hope FFXV is more like skyrim where the open world feels alive and the story and side quests keep you entertained. GO FFXV! By the way Jacob when I was watching your vid I thought you would have like 1mil+ subs, you deserve way more views and subs bro good content. 

Carl Smith says:

I hope we can permanently pick who to play as… The main character is shit…

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