How to beat Dragon’s Nest: The Division Underground Incursion. Full Gameplay (1080p HD)

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(MAY TAKE A SECOND TO LOAD) In this video we show you guys how to complete the incursion dragons nest! I hope you enjoyed I busted my ass off to get this video out asap, so I would appreciate any likes. If you found this helpful I make videos like this all the time and you should subscribe to the channel for more content like this. It is worth mentioning to run the first aid station with immunization for the last part! Thanks for watching!!


SquareSplash says:

whats the hardest part of this incursion ?

TG Smooth says:

Forgot to say share this as you see fit!

Gawdlyinhale 420 says:

the audio for your video is very very quiet and i have a amazing sound system and youtube volume all the way up.. maybe move closer to the mic

TG Smooth says:

Sorry about the commentary stayed up all night preparing for this shit if you all have any questions let me know!

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