Insanity Flyff E423 – Alerassus going CRAZY!

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I am on a quest to have fun on all 8 classes in Insanity Flyff. If you want to donate to my project, you can send me items/perins via email ingame and I am going to dedicate a video to you!

I appreciate any comments or suggestions!

Contact me at:
Facebook: John Alerassus
Skype: Alerassus
Twitter: @alerassus



edsel aquino says:

pls play again

edsel aquino says:

SIR are you playing insanity flyff again?

rowell bonifacio says:

Giveaway? Hmm

Asukal Strike says:

hey dude. are you still playing? hope you can stream again.
i just got back to in this server again. i played this last 2013. and when i start watching your vids here un YT. i feel like wanting to play again.
hope to see you in game and help you with your awakes. hehe.

Uma Pessoa says:

Where vids?? ;-;

Magd_ Games says:


Nicolas Manassa says:

What the difference between flyff gold and insanity flyff????

Dax Villanueva says:

what happened to you man. your videos made me play flyff again.

Nick Witt says:

where are youuuu

lostinheaven says:

hello u still playing insanity flyff?

edminxd says:

its been awhile, where have you been?

Xianie Nakagame says:

Are u still playing flyff

MisterPotatoe says:

What happend to him?

jerome diomangay says:

R u still playing? I need help in game

Xianie Nakagame says:

What's the best boss hunter ………….???

Rommel Traya says:

Hi sir. What program do you use to capture video ingame ?

Isaac is Me says:

We need access to your docs

Charko 411 says:

Hey, was wondering if i can get access to your documents ?

Frank FreeWorld says:

hey Alerassus i have a question, mentalist and Crackshooter is good for pvp ? or wich is the best class for pvp in this server?

Adam Johansson says:

can u give me access to your dokuments

Gunner Bigtas says:

how to dl this game? for free

Yuu Haruna says:

Can i please have access to "BECOME A PRO IN INSANITY FLYFF"

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