Krona FlyFF Trailer

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Music: – Olympus


Hector Malave says:

Hey u can tell me what program u use for this video?

Exta Phorie says:

Current state of the server? How many players still playing? Thank's

Kammy Jay says:

As much as i love flyff, i hate playing alone. Is the community in this game friendly and interractive or is it just people running around concerned about themselves trying to get stronger just so they can be jerks in the game showing off their achievement and not helping the noobs?
Anyway, I'm downloading it now…if anyone is a player i'd be more than happy to add you and start my new journey with you 🙂

Killa Beats says:

downloading this now omg this look freaking awesome !!!!

Ven geance says:

cool server max98

Faysal Flyff says:

oh wow this server looks quite amazing with a lot of new features and the pve seems rather different from the boring good old pve that everyone is sick and tired of

ViniDaBoss says:

watched this while downloading and looks amazing, its done now

cyprien ry says:

Very good server ! Dungeon / mounts / pets / market and so much things are awesome !
Good work !

Chambles says:

Nice trailer 🙂

cesar medina says:

im french so the language will be hard for me, but i love this trailer im gonna try , how many people are in this serv pls

Atakashi TV says:

Nice Trailer !!Good Luck Guys !

KT says:

Does it Pay to win tho?

Mountainbike Enduro says:

What are the rates?

Montaction says:

whew..this server looks pretty awesome ! gonna check it out ^^

Laphicet says:

is it p2w? i hope not…

Hsvn Zera 狼 says:

1:22 makes me think about an asshole anyway nice trailer

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