Lassiz Plays Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha

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Visionary Realms visits Lassiz’ channel ( and runs through Black Rose Keep. Boss fights, deaths, and a pinch of chaos are a sure bet!

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Melissa Zelaitis says:

So excited!!!

Hassler247 says:

Man do I love how old school this is! Can't wait to see the continued progress.

mushy says:

One thing from FF11 I really hope is added is tagging enemies like 1 2 3 or a red circle with a line through it. Anyone could do it but it was usually the CC's or pullers job. That way team knows order to do enemies with big pulls and some or all of the enemies have the same names.
Example got 2 bruisers and say mezzing bruiser you would mezz #2 and and tank grabs #1, and its not you mezzing it and a second later they pull the same one

mushy says:

I thought their Chris Perkins was the one from Wizards/DnD. Thought he sounded different. Unfortunately it's not, but this Chris seems very competent in his job so no problem

Derek Chatham says:

This is for me 100%. Tab based old school feel mmorpg.

Xebb says:

i can't take it anymore, i'm gonna go play p99

happiest1084 says:

i don't like how one room to another is a jump in at least 5 levels of power, where are groups gonna grind for exp? it shouldn't be such a huge range

Stetson Souder says:

Is Machail wielding a Qeynos Claymore???

Samcanplaymusic says:

The spell animations look crazy awesome

Peopled Diagram says:

Didn't see any loot? Could only see one target at a time? Combat skills, are these spells? Will there be hot keys and the ability to create macros? Can't see where you activate attack/melee? I would have liked to see an abilities window. Loved to hear about some spells being able to be cast moving? Will there be mounts? I am curious to see what mages pets look like.

Suggestions; I'd like to see each group member as a diffetent colour on the group window. That way we can see who is doing what. Critics could always be one colour, instantly recognisable by the colour alone. I don't like the casters robes, very boring and non descript.

Overall, its looking good. And provided the game is not dumbed down from an EQ basis of standard,, I will definitely be playing.

Jack says:

This streamer is an absolute meathead. Probably the worst steamer I’ve seen.

Adri Adrian says:

This game looks so good and perfect! But where are the Dark Myrs ?

TheWhisperingPenis says:

The only thing I ask is that Paladins aren't a joke class left out of raiding. EQ was amazing til later dungeons/raids because of this. Just a niche, needed buff/aura that is only party wide, off tanking potential would be amazing. I dont expect to MAINTANK but would cry with joy if that was viable.

Daniel Andersson says:

Does anybody know how the levelling experience will work in this game? They say that they don't like quests? I feel that questing is a great way to level up and explore the world. It seems to me that this game will be grindy, very grindy.

TheWhisperingPenis says:

Exp loss, open world, group based combat, strategic use of spells and amazing atmosphere to explore. Looks fucking amazing. Love death penalties. It's the major reason games like Dark Souls are so immersive and intense.

ZhafBUFF says:

This game doesn't look amazing graphically, but i don't know why I am really excited to play it. Gonna roll a tank in this game. I really like how they made roles important here.

MADDOG the PC Gamer says:

Wish the gnomes werent such mechanical type, i loved the old school EQ , Grelle VonGnomenstien 51 Gnome necro, and Aerimohn Dwagonsnack, 65 gnome pally * some people thought i was a GM cause they were so rare on Torvonillous*

SchroederQ says:

Holy shit this game looks SOOOO much better than it did last year. WOAH

Morning Coffee says:

You should lose all items for the corpse run. It'll force you to stash up secondary items. The fear of death makes the game so much more fun! I remember the adrenaline rush of escaping to safety or the reward of winning the fight simply because of this mechanic. A little xp loss or 1 item missing is boring as hell.

Faendor says:

I'm confused about the map concept, could anyone explain to me whether there are gonna be any maps or not?

Mac says:

Be forewarned if you watch this video, when he talks on the mic he is often muted to the other players (devs). So they are constantly talking over each other (unintentionally).

Dem Squats says:

Is this a browser based game?

Dem Squats says:

I also like how fatso has muscle milk in the background…bro you're not strong you're fucking fat and disgusting. You can't even lift your own body weight. You disgust me.

Dem Squats says:

This sweaty fat fucking nerd getting excited about a game that's not going to last past the first 2 weeks post launch. His laugh, his girly expressions when he logs into this shitty game that could have been decent if it came out in 2001.

The Hound says:

I can't want to play as an Ogre Shaman.

Pepe Covfefe says:

What are the system requirements? What will it take to run this game on max settings?

In any case… I have followed this project for a while and believe in what you guys are trying to deliver! Already pledged =)

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