Legends of Aria (Ultima Online 2) – Let’s Play/Review/Archer Mage Gameplay – Final Alpha (1080p)

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Legends of Aria (Ultima Online 2) – Let’s Play/Review/Archer Mage Gameplay – Final Alpha (1080p)

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Video Description:
-Final Alpha, with regular patches and development round-tables.
-Full loot sandbox MMORPG, with world customization.
-Player housing, Taming, Crafting, and much more.
-Hybrid builds, like Archer Mage, with new hybrid Prestige abilities.
-Fully supported custom mod community servers.
-Is this the spiritual successor to Ultima Online?!?!
-Beta Steam release coming soon!!!

Legends of Ultima (Private Community Server):
LoU Website = http://www.legendsofultima.online
LoU Discord = https://discord.gg/8ShxDH6
World Map = https://imgur.com/a/KRmND

PC Build – “Tesla”:
i7 2600K Sandybridge 4.2 (OC/Water-cooled) Processor
2x GeForce 980Ti OC in SLI
1TB Samsung 1TB SSD
144Hz (True 144Hz) Benq Gaming Monitor
R.A.T. 7 Mouse
Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Sennheiser PC363D Gaming Headset


Stimwalt says:

Check out Legends of Ultima, a community server on the LoA platform, that is actually making UO2: https://youtu.be/flEuupi0fmw

Theophilus says:

Never played UO but the game looks interesting.

BillySunday says:

can you move your char with wasd?

Irrehaare says:

Oh look two players using macros to level up at 23:00

Gragas2 says:

Can I buy the lord founder pack and start my own server?

SinEp Forcerer says:

I built my first house in UO when i was 12 now i'm 32 and build a real house .

James Pyle says:

These seem to change it significantly away from UO's original idea (no necessarily a bad thing..but interesting anyway..)

Scan says:

No prov? No UO.

Henry Benson says:

I hope this lives up to the "Ultima Online 2" title. Albion Online was a bit of a disappointment

Philip Ploski says:

This needs a update they changed the hud, I just got the game yesterday and looks different I don’t see same options you do in this

Veng3r says:

Yeah this game had me until the PK part cuz I am NOT going through 'THAT' again… >:(

grtormand3 says:

@stimwalt are you in the beta?

pawner says:

4:16 that chicken casually walking out of the church 😀

J Martin says:

i would like to see what taming is like

Lucas Bird says:

I want this game!!!

iamramekin says:

In UO items had magic properties and elemental damage types etc. Does (or will) this game have this? (Also like imbuing etc.)

Neveses says:

Is it to late to get into the alpha and test this? I sadly just found out about Legends of Aria aka UO2 today.

TSSV says:

So nostalgic, looks very promising! And damn..the music brings back memories. Will get the $40 pack today.

j. w. says:

Old UO vet here and thanks for telling about the rare loot. That saved me time and prolly also money. Good luck in the game, i wont be trying that game.

Almark says:

Albion Online tries to do their own thing but they certainly borrow from Runescape. But UO, which I've never played must have been most of what we see today on these top down RPGs.

Almark says:

I dub this year the year of the renaissance of the online RPG.

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