Leo Plays Episode 01 [Everquest 2] 06 05 2018

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The best MMORPG.

Music: https://www.bensound.com


Vaskedama says:

What is that popup. Is this game pay2win or has cash shop ?

Paeteulig sandiford says:

Your video made me start playing! Never knew it had cool dark elements to it.

Xaelvik 1 says:

Great tour of the starting experience for EQ2. Charming commentary.

Mustard Tiger says:

I really wish the TLE servers were a bigger success. I had alot of fun being able to go back to the shattered lands and raid the vanilla stuff but everyone just leaves after they clear everything. Played on day one btw, those were the days when the game was difficult

Aaron Sanders says:

Great video Leo! EQ2 looks fun to play. I might give it a try, as a paid member…because of the annoying pop up window of course lol. Does anyone know if the window would go away, if you at least buy something from the devs…or would I need to subscribe to remove the window pop ups?

Michael Morgan says:

Kudos to you for putting up with that damn popup asking you to subscribe! I was considering this game but I really don't want to support a company that spams you with registering. Great explanation though!

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