Let’s Play AQW #1 – A New Start

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Hey everyone! Today I am going to be starting a brand new fresh series of me starting from scratch in AQW and playing through the game! If you like this series please leave a like and I will continue to upload them atleast once a week! 🙂

Link to AQW: http://www.aq.com/play-now/

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InlegalGamer says:

And pay2win

Ram Demesa says:

Can u continue this series

VytalFest says:

Duuuude, so much has changed since I started playing aqw. It's more.. finessed.

Kristix Daman says:

Dude youre awesome really like the commentary +1 sub 😀

McPuPs YT says:

who's watching in 2017?

Austin Schoultz says:

Free to play

Deadly_SiN says:

Some1 put an uh counter pls

Aligator Aligator says:

4:00 you could of used it because its stronger than the stick!!

zoura ty says:

love it every time I farm on was I watch your vid

박정욱 says:

thanks bro, i don't speak english well then idk what to do after the tutorial owo

Deinko says:

Oracle – damn good for soloing bossesxD When I Actually Started Playing This I only have Ninja and Oracle xD And Whaddya know I Completed Hard Challenges and Quests

Mezo says:

what was the song you used at 10:40 and 11:30 ,and was that Nate?

night a reiva says:

um is this game downloading?

TylerUnlimitedHD says:


GalaxyGaming c says:

what recorder r u using

Vuk Ardazdic says:

um you should add some Music?
and i also started at stonehand which gives you load of xp

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