Let's Play Conan Exiles | PvP Multiplayer Official Server | PS4 Pro Gameplay Part 1 (P+J)

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Join Praetorian & Jynx in their playthrough of Conan Exiles on the PS4 Pro! Conan Exiles is an open world survival crafting game similar to ARK Survival Evolved. We’ll be playing PVP (player vs player) on an official multiplayer server. We’re the Nordheimer race and for our religion we’ll worship Ymir, his daughter Atali, and their avatar the Frost Giants.

You can purchase Conan in the Playstation Store
It’s also available on Xbox One and PC

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TrickShot Bros says:

you cant do a lets play if you dont know how to play

william Smith says:

Join our server it is called (Conan exiles syndicate)

Fifty Shades Of Clem says:

Made a clan called imperium of man

Currently, have 13 members. looking to play on the official servers to rape any heretic that doesn't bow to the Imperium of man

Sonnya Gamer says:

Can someone tell me what the third warning symbol up the top left corner mean?

GAVIN GAVIN!!! says:

How do you talk on PS4 with other people? It says push to talk but what do you push?

christian franco says:

So this is basically rust but for ps4 and downgraded?

AMG Ironworks says:

Have you guys played this since any of the updates?

Underrated Star says:

PS4 anyone want play ?

mario Velasquez says:

One of first open world player game

It’s ok To be White says:

“Where would you get feathers from?” Trees duh!

Marx says:

Anyone here because this game is free on ps plus

RoboDead Redemption says:

So basically this is a survival game ?

The GameRoom says:

My girlfriend and I are downloading this now haha

kIsS- mY -aXe says:

It's about to become free for ps plus 🙂

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