Let’s Play Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset BLIND (Gameplay / Walkthrough) [Part 20]

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beavis4play says:

mrandersonn, son you do find it hard to play this solo?
edit: btw, your commentary is hilarious! fun watch.

King _ JT says:

Always entertaining to sit back and enjoy your videos.

Felix Flux says:

Can't wait to see you play Murkmire. And Brotherhood & Thieves Guild if you ever get to those.

MsJustice83 says:

Yeah! Comments are working. Now I can say how much I enjoy your videos…all of them…90% talking, 90% questing or 90% singing.

Ian Fant says:

ESO? Has it been a month already? (jk :)) btw, jason, any plans to explore ESO's main story and not just dlcs?

MrAndersonLP says:

Accidentally had comments turned off, fixed now. My apologies 🙂

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