Let’s Play Guild Wars 2 – The Personal Story | Part 17, Magdaer

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jeroen creteur says:

lol these transitions

PhoenixPsilence says:

I have played since the first week and I have only done the dungeons maybe four times lol. I usually hate douches who think they know everything in dungeon runs.

Razeel Nightfall says:

Can you do playthroughs of all the explorable dungeons complete story lines?

Gemini Erica says:

Oh woodenpotatoes you cheeky little devil you! 🙂

Nagy Dániel says:

the legendary gw1 frenzy + healing signet combo

gtafan110010 says:

Not sure if that cut off was on purpose but it didn't feel smooth and properly placed

LaraCroft MP says:

I think i've never been this exited over a series….. I LOVE how you make the storylines all fit together.
Thank you so much for doing this!

Stephen Kong says:

i love this let's play.

A Gamer says:

No new episode yet?

Emily H says:

Absolutely Love how this is working out!

AnonEi says:

Hypee!! Also I have to say I'm really appreciating so many things about this let's play! All the little lore info, especially about gw1 since I never played it. And being a very new GW2 player who hasn't really experimented with all professions, I love that you're explaining all the mechanics and especially the traits and specializations! I've been trying out everything you've been explaining and it's been fun. It's so hard to follow builds and stuff like that online, because they talk assuming experienced players are watching and I can't keep track of everything and get frustrated. So I'm very thankful you are taking your time explaining and showing the differences. Just… A+ work man thank you! Can't wait to meet the Asura we'll be following, as well as the remaining races [Gotta hurry and do the Norn personal story before you get to them!!]

Duenferra says:

Zero deaths!

Wassabi Eeh says:

21:20 0 death mentality. Hahaha. You actually sounded like pewds there. Haha

Bioshock wave says:

Entertaining as always, thanks wp!

Shiboito says:

ya got me :O

Cheyenne Peppa says:

Yessss asura!! Medium class next?? Ugh next episode come quick!

Hilary Commer says:

Yessss so excited for the new perspective!

MyuNeptune says:

New side of the story incoming!

Kevin Erskine says:

Well thanks to this, I had the courage (and knowledge) to do this. Completed it perfectly on my Ranger. Of course I was 80, but that's okay since I'm definitely no professional gamer.

Graventiv says:


blue chan says:

Gwaah, so excited, so excited!! Most of my characters are asura; I cannot wait to see the next few episodes. 😀
(Not that I haven't enjoyed the story until now. All good stuff. Love this series.)

Iryndiil Yljana says:

What an amazing series you started WP! And what a BRILLIANT cut at the end there! I'm so hype for the next episode!
I keep using exclamation points! I'm not shouting I swear!

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