Leveling in Anarchy Online

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Just a video showing how and where to level for PAID players in Anarchy Online, since teaming is getting scarce. Any questions, leave a comment.


Prime Captain says:

Hey everyone, the greatest success that ive ever had was by using the Real Reiki Relaxer (i found it on google) definately the best resource that I've tried.

SharpTony says:

@John Doe (Faraday Defcon) Nawww, Kite from 1-220.  War Academy and then Mutants!!

Joshua Fresquez says:

Hey tony, josh here again. Ummm im a lvl 160 shade and honestly im pretty clueless where to lvl man. Like yeah Adonis hecks are pretty good but nobody ever, ever does that at all… And Inf missions i dont know anybody high lvl that would pocket. Another thing im having trouble with is I cant even solo a mob 2 lvls higher then me better yet i can barely solo one with dying… My questions are: Where should i lvl, and why am i so weak. P.s i have Shade T1 with 132, rapier and 143 improved tango dirk. Thanks

William says:

Game seems to be kickin it still alot indeed. Loving it, glad im back despite not having my old acc from 7 years ago anymore derpyderp, but it's great being on rubika and in SL all over again.

Mechwarrior says:

What's the easiest way to get doja chips in elysium?

Moon 420Blazeit says:

oh and Omni 4 Lyfe!

Moon 420Blazeit says:

Game is not dead from what I see. Glad servers are merged. Some hours the game is a bit dead but a good active org helps during those hours.

omgwerockhard says:

i got a 212 Agent cant solo much he is pretty gimpy not sure what to do to get better gear, think maby u need a group for that but i dont know any1 in AO im just om my own all the time

Vladimir Z says:

AO is the best mmo and ive tryed end game content of wow, swtor, conan, linage and other games, there is no other game that gives you such kicks, i kept coming back to ao. After twinking in ao how can you talk about twinking at wow for example

Malifick Satyrino says:

ao is not dying , last night i tried with a team to get hecklers and every spot in ely was taken by tons of people. also tons of ppl in bs and borealis

SharpTony says:

I'm not sure I ever see that happening. However, there's always EQ2, hahaha =).

SharpTony says:

Unfortunately AO is so empty now that it's becoming incredibly difficult to play or enjoy fully anymore. You should base all of your play time off of GMT 0, that seems to be the most active zone.

Bijan says:

Thanks for the tips. going to try out these spots later

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