Lineage 2 Revolution ADAVANCE Gameplay Fiz Walkthru 31: LEVEL 120 PALADIN BUILD

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Heya, just hit Level 120 this afternoon. Could’ve hit it much earlier but there was no rush anywayz.

Wanna share with you my current paladin build and such:
– Skill Tree
– Equipments
– Runes
– Resources
– Dungeons that i reset

Player info:
Name: fizdarth
Clan: M8HEXA Number 4 Guild in Gludio 01

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Purim Intaradej says:

Thanks for the vids.

I'm also playing paladin, My guild don't really focus on seige and clan war at the moment,
How do you think about

– max rush impact
– max slam
– max vengeance
– max defensive aura
– max parry mastery
– 0 of other skills

with atk speed + blood leech overall option .. what would you suggest … thx bro.

NuKamTaiRupi says:

Whats the best PVP 1vs1 char in Arena ?

y1n says:

ohh cool as always vid ! A lot of stuff to learn ! Thx !
P.s can make some vid of spellhowler tips kinda or smth ? 😀

Nico Tan says:

Omg you're the HS pro player right? Hi! Thanks for the guides!

InsatiableRage86 says:

Majesty's reflect damage doesn't do what is intended. Try doing a pvp video with a guildmate to show that and send it to the devs. All the Paladins will thank you for this.

supremeleader Luthfianto says:

any tips for newbies? and what job best on solo mob-leveling?

Maximus ProdigalThieves says:

Can you pls describe what absolute shield does and whats the cooldown, and lvl2 improvement if you know. It would b really helpful!:)

Sanden Kong says:

mr Fiz im also paladin in gludii have a question what codex are u focusing? i cant farm all of them since i cant online my mobile 24/7 do u focus hp? p and m def? crit resist? resilience? thank u

John Ray Tiangco says:

I am transferring now to Gludio 😀 I made many mistakes on my character in Aden server. Need to start anew

Formana says:

You can't reset Adena Dungeon

jacob de la cruz says:

Hi can you make a vid on what materials to use for limit break and lvling attributes.

Ex Nihilo Rex says:

Awesome video as always! did you have a HP buff while you record this? I notice you have a Second buff in the left corner of the screen i Really wanna know If your Hp is 42k. Second question: you should show Your soul Crystals and may i give you an advice? reroll Your weapon atribute m.atk is kind meh for Paladin aim for atk Speed, crit dmg, crit rate or penetration. Thank you fiz!

Xen dot says:

Hi what is your view on temple knight?

Mohammed Aqil Bin Mohd Mislan says:

If I enhance my rare, and upgrade it's rank, will the enhancement be gone?

Steve Thong says:

you can't reset adena dungeon can you?

Renato Vivaldi Kuhuwael says:

nice vid.. but why u dont increase righteous fury skills? as far as i know the skill will increase mob aggro so the mob will chase us, and i think that is the main purpose being a tank like paladin especially in party.

steven teoh says:

We should thank him for donating his money to keep the game alive!

Rhomy R. rhomastry says:

i never seen you war / PK yet

boompanes boom says:

wow! last video you have been lack of CP in your basic info, but wow i was shock ! you have 350k CP now that's amazing, how many blue diamonds you spend all in all so i can canculate mine because i was planning to buy bundles in shop

I GEDE says:

gludio 01 bro? same server with me. but im noob lol, lvl 60, what lvl can join your clan bruhh

D Z says:

can I get some tips for paladin? pls

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