Lineage 2 Revolution Aden01 English Version Short Gameplay

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I started playing the Global version of L2R on Aden 01!
Played on PC using Nox emu so the graphics stuck on Mediumish. – MMORPG – Mobile More Information

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Jin VanDeRa says:

is this release already? i cant find it from the app store? btw english version NA…

Alexandru Ciuprov says:

hey man , can i ask , what program you use to play andoid games on PC ? i used many and all of them seem to be buggy and laggy . if you can tell me would be much appreciated , thx

Towee says:

This crap have nothing to share with the legendary Lineage, but it's Korea…

86Corvus says:


Boro Doro says:

Loli for win!!

ㅁㅁ7:20~2:00ㅁㅁ says:

슈퍼 헤비 과금러들로 돌아가는 게임인데 뭘기대하고있었나 20명은

Claudio Rodrigues says:

gender lock ? class lock ? this could work on pc steam also.

Николай Васильев says:

Where is Orcs? Bitches…

Ill Timed Will Inc says:

nox sucks ass

Periklis Karaisarlidis says:

Is there a way for Europeans to play on those servers ?

Jin Hakaze says:

Just like any other "common" mobile mmos out there. No 360 view is crap as shit for an openworld game.

Emerson Monteiro says:

puta jogo de bosta. não proporciona merda nenhuma ao jogador a não ser SONO

Pramadhio Ari Putro says:

I can't play this smoothly on Nox, how did you setting the emulator?

Kapesh says:

hey steparu what emulator are you using?

Akyr0s 7 says:

The bad with lineage is that is p2w but if u know what chars to take and where to farm maybe u have chance to be good without pay

Azz-Rushman says:

On one side, i had way too much of Lineage 2 for my entire life.
On the other side, i'd play it just to see again all those monsters, items and hear the same SFX.

Why can't i let this game go from me?

Ron kevin says:

Steparu? Compare to AxE w/c is better? nterms of P2W issues

Jeremy john Hall says:

love your games

LUMIX pain says:

screw ncsoft, they killed lineage this is a joke, high five was a bit kn the edge but it works, but goddess of destruction and every release after that is trash, they killed the game and now this?

audiencefromspace says:

no stutter on pc but people report stutter on s7 edge?? wtf

YuraMayZing says:

i dont mind mobile games… i just hate the damn autoplay shit. i remember when games used to be games, not spectator mode.

Sabre Zero says:

Aww the graphics are nice been so hyped about it for months but I hate mmorpg games with auto move/path finding in it. 🙁

Dimas Kai says:

this is gonna burn my phone isn't it

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