Lineage 2 Revolution Gameplay | Lv 65 Blade Dancer | Elite Dungeon 3

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IGN : Morroc
Server : Kenrahel 8 / 1-8
Guild : BulanSabit

Comment below and ask me for anything you want in this game & I’ll make it for you


Mavis Vermillion says:

korean server?

Joseph Bennett says:

how can i play on PC from NA?

Wince Wega says:

super background sound!!!!))))

bayu setyo adi says:

kalau pngen pkek dager ,,enak nya pkek ras apa ya?

Lingga Dinuar says:

gan dapetin huruf V buat Valentine Event dmn?

Hyan Silveira says:

i want to know how to enter in wars/siege

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