Lineage 2 Revolution Gameplay Paladin Guide: “fizdarth” Level 57 Paladin Build

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Hi there, I’ll like to share with you my level 57 Paladin Build:

– My Items
– Class Skills
– Rune Skills
– Inventory

Player info:
Name: fizdarth
Clan: M8HEXA (#2 Clan in Gludio 01)

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Darren Koh says:

Bro I went to see your this paladin now and damn, it's sick.. how did you get so many rare SR equips?? Forged or summons?

Paulo Frial says:

hi fizdarth, i have lvl 56 paladin and vengeance at lvl 6, but why does my damage reduce from enemies are still 0? yours is lvl 5 but reduces 460 of atk for 8 sec?

Yz Yz says:

whats the best class for tanking? Is it shillen knight?

Mowa Adoma says:

HI bro! I wanna ask something. I got S-grade dominus armor if i combine it to normal S-grade armor will it be R-grade dominus? Hope you can answer my question. Thanks!

Argel Saberon says:

nice vid! really help me in my skills

FabledPenguin says:

Nice video! Btw, i have some questions. Answers are appreciated.
1.) What skill should i prioritize if I'm more into PvP and just be better at dueling players regardless of the location?
2.) Is the Nightmare Knight equipments good? I have a set of it(4S,1R)
3.) What is the most effective combo for a paladin?
btw im only a f2p level 35 so im still nooby sorry for the noob questions xD

Rain 89 says:

to haters….when people are kind enuf to share the info please just absorb not judging..prove yourself if you have better understanding than this guy…pussies!

Md Farid Koh says:

what a terrible guide. please dont follow this fella

Michael Jay Bongalos says:

Are you playing this on your phone or PC/Laptop?

Dimitris A.d.a. says:

Do you know if 1vs1 PvP is Live! for both Players? Or you just fight a Character which is not under the control of another user?

happening says:

It can tells that you are new to this game based on your guide, its legit in some way, but not all. There are no right or wrong build, just the most efficient one, without taking into account of investment from real money, because that will boost a lot. i not really want to put in real money, so i cant afford to waste any resources. Long story short, you build can be better, but money can fix it. As for the gamer style, most of the player should be focus on PvP, so do the build because its a mobile game, not as free as pc, even i'm not really a fan of pvp, but this game is bored if i just focus on leveling or hunting bosses, it's not fun to play leveling game with a phone, and sounds ridiculous if play a mobile game with pc, why dont i just go for a pc game instead, this game is not the only choice.
One thing that i will look for a guide for the character build is because it takes a lot of time to reach 31 for a new character.

Richmond Azarraga says:

What do you think is the best money to buy on shop if want to spend some $$$? Thanks

Melio Soeprapto says:

dude, stop talking shit, you dont know nothing about Paladin (Hell Knights) smh

Rendy Leonard Saputra says:

Nice and informative guide man, keep it up!

Jason Lee says:

You can slowly level up your soul stone if you have so much and not of it you like. Max level for each grade is level 5 once it reaches max lv it can be upgrade into next grade by using adena. Just for your info if you doesn't know about it. Cheers ! Btw, I love your guide thank you !

Nino Uzzo says:

thank you i love how you guide

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