Lineage 2 Revolution – Paladin Gameplay ( Solo Hot Time. Croma 3)

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Tank class can try this for fat exp. 40- 50 % exp depend on your gear.


Arcangel 37 says:

En que server estas?

Messi Lee says:

reflect damage useful in farming mobs? Basically I nvr up that skill yet……how about the others 2 passive in heavy armor mastery & righteous fury? not useful?

Cesar Gustilo says:

awesome…..what are your substats for soul crystals, equipments and accessories? that's a monster……i don't think i'll get my paladin that strong……

Nico Lim says:

hello there.. im paladin too, can u tell me what gear u have? a set of rare? and what your pasive skill heavy armor level?

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