Looking at EverQuest 1

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Tim started out in MMOs with EverQuest 1, which explains a lot. Join us as we go back to look at an old part of the game as it is today.


Justice 19 says:

Love this game , played it the day it came out until 2013 when work just got in the way so I couldn't play anymore, just started again today, surprised that I was able to find all 7 of my accounts lol

AznKILLER says:

… did you just say this is the only game to make you loose exp on death? . I mean it might be the first BUT ONLY??? every single game ever does this

ΞGοdSaveMe Ξ says:

lol u sound like LeoKimVideos

The HolyWafflePowder says:

This video is somehow more relaxing than old Yogscast videos, and I have actual nostalgia for those.

Needless to say, subscribed

Everquest Lore says:

Everquest was my first MMO too 🙂

k3nny111 says:

Ragnarok Online had XP loss on death. And for lv98, that could mean flushing 10hours of playtime by dying once.

Sinister SD says:

What? You've got a map? That's cheating!

Courtland Dastyck says:

For how much you loved it, you really put this game down lol i just came back after leaving from LDON, play a TLP server and i fell in love all over again like the old days.

Carmelo Santini says:

I like to go back and watch videos like this just to relive the memories…. it's amazing how many memories of EQ I have an each video will remind me of different ones which remind me of different corresponding memories in reality

Nepu-Tech USA says:

Wow I still remember all the dead bodies of newbies under Kelethin, this was my childhood xD
I also remember being level 8-10 and leading people way higher level than me only because I managed to find a big
ass runned two hander sword in an auction and people tought I was a high level bad ass xD

those where the days xD

Alexander Rodecape says:

What was your character name on the RZ server?

Rita Jones says:

I so remember these days LOL I was a bard I would travel around the zones join teams offering song support and carrying bags of liquor for the teams and we would fight and go on raids while our characters were drunk LOL really funny shit but we always got the job done.

real zombie says:

i would play world of war craft but my computer is to bad for it so everquest was my gateway to mmos

ChillyFly says:

Is that Ashens?

kristine Summers says:

the grafix are the reason in eq1 I didn't play this…

Trent Hogan says:

I played for years. Had a lv 65 Necromancer. It is still the most fun I ever had with a game. I'm the same way as you with PvP.. I hate it. I soloed at least 50% of my way but it was much much tougher and slower than WOW.

Immaterial Irrelevent says:

As I seem to recall, in everquest the trinity was actually tank, healer, crowd control (or more specifically warrior, cleric, enchanter). Dps was added to the idea of the trinity in other MMOs I believe, likely due to WoW not having any strong cc specific class.

Eklypze.Z30 says:

you should check out project 1999 if you miss the old school EQ game play and nostalgia.

JudsonKnight says:

LF SoW Plz !

Heugh Jassman says:

lake of ill omen was and is still one of my favorite zones ever

''selling all on me under first torch''

So many freakin memories. It really is like walking down a city I grew up in.

Bret Cantwell says:

In April '16 I returned to EQ after 13 years and love traveling to the old school zones. Lot of good memories.

Lorenzo says:

If any one looking for an old school mmo look at Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen

Lorenzo says:

I missed this mmo i was to busy playing only final fantasy 11 and know knowing whats happening in the mmo world back in the day.

multitimmytiger2 says:

Still think this is the best MMO. Much better than WoW anyway!

Alfred Cicone says:

EverQuest is a great MMO, I would say that it was the greatest if Asheron's Call hadn't come out just a few months after it. Asheron's Call is, in my opinion, the best MMO ever made. It has many similar aspects to EverQuest as they came out literally months apart in 1999 (huge open worlds with no hand-holding, no fast travel, map based on coordinates.) But the skill system, loot system, economy, and actual fight mechanics for both mages and melee's in Asheron's Call were a bit more refined than EQ. I also loved how in AC there were no classes. The skill system allowed you to play the game exactly how you wanted. This created the need for alt-characters that actually mattered and were a source of revenue for players as you could craft and tinker items for people and charge money for it. You had monarchies and experience earned in by players through questing actually filtered up the monarchy in AC which was a very unique and cool aspect. Anyway, good memories, good times. Love to see people still play EQ and AC.

Robert Vick says:

Remmember this. "Train to Zone!"

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