LOTRO: Lord of the Rings Online – Gameplay 2015 (Every Class In Helm’s Deep/Gondor Gameplay 2015) HD

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This is a gameplay video of every class in the MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online. This is in 2015. The overall feel of the game is similar to 2014, but there are a few distinctions, namely a new class – the Beorning. Other than that there were class changes and other usual changes you would expect in a MMO.
This video varies from low level gameplay, to high level gameplay, with a lot in the middle as well! There are about 10 minutes of each class, some getting more for some… reasons – usually mounted combat additions, testing of different specs, and a certain surprise.

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The Lord of the Rings Online (commonly abbreviated to LOTRO, LotRO), initially branded as The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows and OS X set in a fantasy universe based upon J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth writings. It takes place during the time period of The Lord of the Rings. (Source linked below).

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Here is a description of the classes from the LOTRO wiki (Link Below).
The Burglar is a master of stealth and misdirection. Burglars are able to confound foes with a variety of clever and debilitating tricks. They also excel at attacking from the shadows, allowing them to take enemies by surprise.
The Captain is a masterful leader, a commanding presence who strengthens allies, but is also skilled in the use of arms. Their battle cries strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, while their allies rally to their banners of war.
The Champion is the consummate warrior, unrelenting in battle. His fervour allows him to make increasingly powerful attacks. The Champion excels at melee combat and can absorb punishment with his Heavy Armour.
The Guardian is a protector of the weak and defender of those in need. He is capable of withstanding mighty blows and retaliating in kind. The true Guardian stands to the forefront of battle, shielding his allies from the blows of their enemies.
The Hunter is a master of field and forest, unmatched with the bow. Hunters use their survival skills to guide their companions and lay traps for their enemies. Hunters are at their strongest when attacking from a distance, but they are able to defend themselves in melee combat, when needed.
The Lore-master is a seeker of knowledge and a guardian of wisdom. He wields ancient secrets and lore to confound his foes and aid his friends, protecting them against the dark powers of the Enemy.
The Minstrel is the heart of a fellowship, a herald of hope and renewal. He uses his knowledge of ancient songs and lore to ward against the forces of darkness and bring relief to his companions.
Mystical linguists and masters of true names, Rune-keepers can heal in one battle and hurl destructive magic in the next.
Armed with spears and javelins as their weapons of choice, Wardens use a gambit system to execute powerful combo attacks at the front lines.

Helm’s Deep Expansion: The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep is the fifth expansion for the MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online. The Battle at Helm’s Deep will be created in-game using refined technologies that Turbine created during the development of the expansion, which allow for a significantly larger amount of action and character models during a session. The new expansion increases the in-games level cap to 95, and one of the main new features is the ability to fight ‘epic’ scale battles such as the Battle of Helm’s Deep. The expansion also adds modified trait trees and five new zones to explore in Western Rohan. This expansion was released in 2013, with a main run in 2014. Turbine announced that there will not be an expansion in 2014, letting Helm’s Deep run until 2015. Turbine released Gondor outside of an expansion in 2014. There is said to be another expansion in 2015.

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LOTRO: Lord of the Rings Online – Gameplay 2015 (Every Class In Helm’s Deep/Gondor Gameplay 2015) HD


Markus Virus says:

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Bill Van Alsburg says:

wow not a bad vid,but didnt show at all the diff skills at all classes have,example,,hunter,,u laid no traps ,did no tracking,which r a few of the highlights of that class

Austin Melton says:

How many active players does LOTRO have?

Bailey says:

Not sure a level 6 Beorning is a good example of the class at its best!

ToDreamOrNotToDream says:

2015? Wow, this sure is a super boring game. :/

Burning Water. says:

Here it is the all classes for 2015. Took a while to get to! Great video! Some are actually looking quite a bit different.

auditore63 says:

Omg i love lotr but this just Looks soooo boring

Alev says:

this game would be so great if they revamped the graphics and engine and interface ofc. Classes look fun

Konuvis says:

Thanks for those overview, I'm thinking about giving LotRO a shot and debating which class to try. So far from a gameplay perspective I like Rune-Keeper and Hunter.
I have to admit I find the aggro cries really obnoxious.

quim1970 says:

I don't get this, i downloaded the game, and the 6gig HD package. My system is hardcore gaming, 780 etc. But the game looks nothing like the HD you are showing, and i have everything on ultra. My game looks like a 1998 shitfest. Granted, i have only spent 20 minutes playing it, but it hurts my eyes.

Crypted Demise says:

God dam this game changed tremendesly since i last played it it was max lvl 60 at the time

Twsty Shaft says:

Has this game got more players then runescape?

drolboz says:

keybinds, keybinds, keybinds… ya or na? (already know the answer)

drolboz says:

other than that, gg

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