LOTRO: RK Gameplay #101 – Starting Echad Dunnan – Eregion P12 | Lord of the Rings Online Gameplay

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101 – Eregion Part 12 – Starting Echad Dunnan – Starting the third and last major camp for Eregion. This place has a lot of quests!

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This is my Elf Rune Keeper (RK) in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) gameplay in 2015. I am an Explorer vocation, and actually do the tailor part of the crafting. I am on the Landroval server for this character, Louey, and am in the Kazcovallions kinship.

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About the series, “Rune Keeper Gameplay”:
This is me playing my Rune Keeper in Lord of the Rings Online LOTRO. Everything I do will be recorded – any of the zones I do, class quests, skirmishes, etc.! This series started in 2014 and is extended into (at least) 2016.


Jimmy Brickley says:

Love your videos man. Great quality and super entertaining!

Falkuris HD. says:

How can i have a hourse like yours? I mean , to follow me when im not mounted .

Louey7 says:

So, this will be the last episode for a bit. I hope to be able to start this back up in September. But, I've been having some troubles with my PC and LOTRO where I am often crashing. I will be starting a new series in LOTRO next week, as well as some new skirmish videos. With school starting soon (next week), I will start the new series to be weekly and go from there when I see my availability to record/edit/etc. I've been trying to prepare some extra videos in the meantime.
I should be getting to Moria, soon… I plan on doing some different zones and maybe skipping around since I am so over leveled. If I find a zone I in particularly enjoy, I'll stay there. This is only my third real time through the zone and barely did any of the newly changed stuff.

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