LOTRO: Skirmishes – Minstrel #1 | Lord of the Rings Online | Gameplay 2016

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Minstrel 1 – The last class, at last! A strong, bursty damage class… And one that heals well or can balance between healing and damage, even… The Minstrel! I (quickly) do the Icy Crevasse, Attack at Dawn (only took about 3+1/2 minutes), and Thievery and Mischief in this one.

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About the series, “LOTRO: Skrmishes”:
This is me playing through skirmishes in the Lord of the Rings Online LOTRO. The series is divided by the classes I do them on and follow the class numerically. I try to mix up difficulty, skirmish type, and class often. I take requests! This series started in 2016, and the plan is to keep it going for a while.


A Snns says:

U should make tutorials

loraamore1 says:

at what level did you run the skirmishes? I'm sorry if I missed it.

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