Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus) – Arisha 2nd Weapon Gameplay – Test Server – PC – F2P – KR

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I’ve been leveling Arisha in the Korean Test Server to try the new 2nd Weapon and here is some gameplay. This game has IP-Block in Korea, it’s a bit hard to play with a free VPN but still enjoyed it.

– Game website:
– (KR Test Server):
– (English):

More Vindictus videos here:

Background Music:

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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Edwin Tan says:

I wanted dual pistols. Dumbass Devcat.

Joshua Martins says:

Whats your pc specs?

Kim André Knobelauch says:

its kinda kinky an i like it

rj west says:

SHIT vindictus keeps bringin me back with whips n chains sigh

Drauk Tokkata says:

like for the video review, we'll see if we try in the second rack at a low speed of her skill;)

BlueOmegaL 6 says:

When does it come out

diarrhea blood says:

hey how do i get the test server? or is it a invite thing

Simone Rupert says:

What's the music that plays in the first part of the video?

Yume says:

This became a sexually abusive perv class… xDD Omg.. I'm a starter in this game and just trying out Miri in NA/Eu.. but this class would be happen for real? xD

Seolyeon says:

These outfits are hot.

Levi Hackerman says:

Whoever designed this sure loves King of Fighters.
Most of the moves are like copy-paste from a character named ''Whip'' in KOF.

QUploads T says:

Arisha SS (Super Sadistic)

Uğur Yılmaz says:

i cant see the skills looking at that underbood god damn it

Alyssa Rasmussen says:

You going to upload Blade and Soul's Act 9 in KR?

Nicolas Silva says:

what a bitch outfit… but i really like it

Jadiel Augusto says:

it should be open world

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