Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus) – Miul Gameplay – Skills Showcase – Test Server – F2P – PC – KR

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Taking some fun with Miul in the Korean Test Server, not hard to reach lvl cap in there since the high exp rate. She’s really fun to play, easy to combo and nice mobility with the portal system.

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Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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SomsoKca says:

Half Bayonetta version lol

saber7ooth says:

Mfw still no dark knight 3

Gernaldo Olson says:

New to it must say I’m Impressed .

Kahl-Reyn S. Tris says:

Too bad the games dead and no one will be online to play with you and whomever is always afk. I'd recommend not getting baited and stay away.

Blues BX says:

CAN I SAY HOW MUCH I HATE HOW THIS GAME IS BORDERLINE DEAD?! I wish more people enjoyed the things i do 🙁

Maleficent says:

i telling you this game would been something if they had actually try make it work

Rin Kagamine says:

only if Nexon america's costumer support wasn't so incompetent…

KamichamaTechstarify says:

I'm always thinking this is such a fail of renaissance fantasy games having modern automatik guns, which must be soaked in magic to have even alike power like casters and else..
Alone the Handcannon I thought was fail of the huge one. xD

Peter Chan says:

Damn… This video just like a porn

김영호 says:


Сильвана Ветрокрылая says:

when will it be added to the Euro ?

TokenOtaku says:

How does this game still look this good?! Like this game looks better than some games released in 2018 and still runs better than them!

Jinoki Minh says:

Not cool like blade and soul

John Eccher says:

If the game goes global, maybe I will try it, specifically this character. She looks so great. Well done Rendermax.

qpfmrm vmfka says:

이게 야겜이니?

Buddy Love says:

Lovely editing as always, the only thing i don't like is the music which fit perfectly when u're making a showcase of the character customization, but for the gameplay i would have preferred to listen a videogame action music that emphasize the fight, something adrenalinic or rocking instead of some dance music that ruin the immersion of who is watching.
(Just an opinion)

Llama Shquad says:

o wow a dead gaem

Ali veli says:

open world vindictus mobilleeeeeee

Tiara X says:

Cant wait to play her! SHe gives me "Show me YOUR S4" Feeling Back. TOUCHDOWN!

Luis Guillermo says:

I left all the video games. I think this has already arrived at the arrival, at least for me and many of my generation (that virtual reality helmet and all that shit seems like junk), and good I started and ended up with Vindictus …

Jj Chen says:

Kind of makes you want to date a stripper

Obiun says:

Fucking stupid game hope this shit shuts down like japan soon cancer game ever

Accelerator says:

This remind me Blade & Soul

Gypsy JR says:

I read we have to wait until March 2019 or so to get Miul on Vindictius. Still need to do balance testings on Mabinogi Heroes they say. I'm not playing Vindictus until I can play a gunslinger.

Joshua Lorenzo says:

i can't read korean how to register the game.

Chris says:

At this point there's probably more K-Pop stars than native Irish people in this game lol

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